FW: Invitation

>>Dear friends,
>>We inform you that during the first week of May 2006 the European
>>Social Forum will take place in Athens. At the same time the open
>>assembly for the creation of the "Autonomous Spaces" / Open Public
>>Ephemeral Zone will use a university space in the centre of Athens and
>>will produce an ephemeral autonomous zone that will try to bring
>>together all the grassroots anticapitalist, autonomous and
>>antiauthoritarian collectives, groups and movements. We will try all
>>of us to co-create an open public space that will give the opportunity
>>to all the libertarian radical utopians, the anarchists, the
>>antiauthoritarians, the libertarian communists, the green anarchists,
>>the antisystemic Marxists, the squats, the social centers and all
>>anti-hierarchical collectives from any lineage of the modern
>>libertarian thinking -action to present their work, express their
>>ideas , and come to public dialogue with the other collectives and the
>>global society. This is an open invitation for all the creative
>>political and cultural affinity groups and personal initiatives to
>>participate in the construction of the zone and the formation of the
>>social and political agenda. You can send your propositions to take part in the general program of the festival until 15th of March.
>>We would like to let you know that this congregation will give us the
>>opportunity to create an antiauthoritarian autonomous zone and express
>>our ideas in a friendly environment. It is also provided the ability
>>to each collective to organize and decorate its own space, prepare and
>>present its own lectures or documentary shows and participate to the
>>general assemblies and forums.
>>We announce below the thematic issues of the assemblies and the forums
>>and we wait from you the expansion and the enrichment of this
>>catalogue with your own propositions:
>>*City movements and Ecology
>>*International Movements and New Technologies *Social Centers ,
>>Squatting *Direct Action *Sexism and Homophobia *Libertarian ,
>>Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian Ontology *Contemporary Every Day Life
>>and Future Social and Cultural Movements *General Assembly :
>>Autonomous - Anticapitalistic Space and Antiglobalization Movement
>>The whole procedure according to the preparations until now will take
>>place on five phases (more ideas can be organized and much more
>>actions can take place through the expression of initiative) :
>>a) Autonomous Spaces / An Open Public Ephemeral Zone / Athens 4-7 May
>>Four days of open public dialogue, networking of information,
>>lectures, info-centres , books or pamphlets exhibition, live internet
>>shows, film
>>shows and documentary video projections and open celebrative public
>>b) Action of Solidarity and Social awareness outside of Immigrant's
>>Concentration Camp
>>c) Actions of Social awareness at the City Market and other Working
>>d) Meetings, talking circles and workshops at the social centers of
>>e) Total Freedom Street Parade / organized by Void Network
>>An open invitation from Void Network to all the anarcho-ravers, the
>>technival sound-systems, the psychedelic trancers, the space travelers
>>built a global celebration of social awareness in the streets of
>>Athens that will send in all over world the message of the fight for
>>Total Freedom
>>We believe that it would be very helpful any collective which would
>>like to take part in this festival to prepare for traveling, to
>>prepare their lectures, and to help with the publicity networking.
>>According to the economical difficulties of some collectives we can
>>understand that some of them they can not organize the traveling in
>>Athens, so we offer to them the opportunity to participate and express
>>their ideas through books or pamphlets exhibition that they can send
>>to the Creative Crew of the situation, or to appear in the situation
>>through live internet shows, film shows and documentary video
>>We look forward for any reply from you as soon as possible.
>>Thank you,
>>People from the open assembly for the creation of "Autonomous Spaces"
>>ephemeral Zone
>>contact for street parade : *voidinternational@gmail.com*

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