Sheila E. Murphy

would you agree that it is time to cease being a blond and take up where uncle fester left off

only a dissertation can make an infant feel less small, so gather out of the way, swaystorm, and listen to the third reptile jilt these supple weeds

  no longer is there time to blasphere between the divvied brackets made available in bulk installments

  weak tempura plants give gravy its sleeved due

  are you a fan of ex post facto mid-day I thought not

  wheezing grins collate shabs of misericordia thought whole between the shaven feats of biblicity construed as an endowment

  proxy me you brazen huss it's lateral all this buttered up replenishing

  I'm fathomed now that you brocade my wisp of spurned uptick

  give me a scarred wide-angle A

  sheila E. murphy

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