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i awake to these simulTated Momaic thingies every ingetinge time i fail at reading , so müd geworden, das er ich nichts mehr hält & fall asleep betwix Landen and Tienen like the whole hole of me is an abject, nur manchmal schidt der Vorhang der Pupille sich krautlos auf- und
it must be that i am now declared human but sweet
du kannibalin,
ist dir
mein hals nicht genug?

also sagt mir  der Hans Artmann, sea
i can't concentrate on anything
what with all the ithou & all
while all we we all should
fornicate  rilke
in between us
like he's this squeeling hare captured by un chien marin
"In me omnis terrae pelagique rapina est,
Forsitan et caeli, si canis astra tenet
" i mean us be the be of effing webdogs & roll the batarde
and all his godforsaken bs
down the rails of "ter Land ter Zee en inde Lucht", a highly famous show
on Dutch television where several bunches of semi-drunk fully-moronic no-flying Dutchmen
try to beat each other by keeping airborne in buggy home-made
Microsoft Windows 98 look-a-like flying-machines that last about 8 seconds average
before crashing & plunging bleupartoi into the eau-aqua water of SPA BLAUW i mean refusing
to work like that into working something like that gives you the illusion of working
like that untsoweiter and still get it working
i mean do we not bleed when you fistelffing  us
how many times must a poet tell you to shut the fffelf up 'n k listen
before you call him a poet so at least you give us an excuse to beat the dia of o h rea out of you

i mean if i sit and stare you in the face,

dear reader,
you bleeding hypocrite
yes u,
thou most ignobla of alla the undead
thou cheap flying pre-fried pre-cut single ringéd
36 in a bodybag if you're lucky piece of outdated squid

u  dont compute you
thou the id or ed or lead or whatever of it
that is you

you do not exist
if i don't turn you on/off

like you turn on me allathetima the shallaladed
the shallalla girls in the evening
ipse quo shallalla they in the urning
soyouwant weiter
while i still shall enter
my Thracian Fleet
eternally slowly
the Ipsos i-Say Panel
to win a $1,000 lump sum or great prizes
like e virgule g virgule darn wrong keyboard
for instance the
Torn Liver of the Sad Eyed Lady
while she vomits in the face of Dixon's e-mail boosting _020761
crying i don't want elfing virgils i dont want m elfing angels
i want bl eating  points
I swear by all censoring gods

i shallalla
like it's a sound
made bymy comad man
the Cometh and Gather around Us  in Blissful Ooblio be
frigging Ausonius no now,
who lived at a time when poetry was
dead according 22222 my annotated stammering ed
re re re ferring
to the Etudes historiques et littéraires sur Ausone by
Monsieur J.-C. Demogeot (p 43 et suiv)
yet the overtly oversexed bugger managed
to hew out his very marbles (tic-tac) 
long before Newton thought of stringing them together
on an exagerated 2 times at least set-up,
of such exquisite bad taste
only an english cook could think of it
 him he
Ausonius i mean
managed Moreover Itself
in the pile of shit he was wading through
with his eyes and mouth wide open
full fathom five
astheysay at MacDonald's singsing:
-ima lovin it-

so that even today
as we speak according to usaidit Usul
the wind smacks his black seed in your eye (asina
Et, si vis similem pingere, pinge sonum he said on Echo)
whenever you're looking the other way so
hey now bananarama
if you want us to be writing you the real thing so
you can hagahagahave a go at her
but aim sweetly cause

dont fool yourselves girls
sicut scripted Herr Zappa
who failed to get tru 2 the zappatista


we'll paint you its noise we'll
code up the whitewhack, we'll
breake your harnessed routines with
a sucking grab at ur ur discrete reins,
going THOD THOD THUD  we'll  
hack 'n spice up your hola hollo
uwteri fro breakfast
u me & the ame aime
giggling Aimy of This Instant
we're all three in a bed
Tres uno in lecto
after hours i mean
man we're so much after hours
we spent hours getting there
here the eightfive threetwo two 0netwo of us
with the same sweetheart heroine addict prostitute between us
stuprum duo perpetiuntur,
why you got
two tutu's that are subjected to the violence
et duo committunt
and two 22's too that are comitting it
why that's four of you crazy MF's banging outherethou asketh yr ugsmuck
sicut inest Ausoni testicepigrammatas  theverysame wherintoo he wrodan the trutha
the uberibus öder big boobies of the Statue so well CarvedCrafted TM
non lac dedit,
asin No Milk Today)
quattuor esse reor
why no you big stupid phallic ducktape, Falleris
the ones on the outside are engaged in one and the same crime
extremis da singula crimina; and the choirboygirlchorawhateverlet's call it my words in my documents on my computer listing my folders  while i dump it in the middle, et illum
Bis numeres medium, is doing and getting it alla the same ingetinge time,
quid facit et patitur
Try keyboard shortcuts like 'n' for new message, or 'p' to print. For a complete list:
 run alla we are saying is alla we are saying forward and backwards a few times
us you will be us
(again) (untsoweiter)
i you will be i
you u will be you
ye ah yeah ye ah
there's Jerome again the mad chandelier of table 108
heya heya heya
 ha ye
or how to get stuck inside a
v goin W
while all you ever wanted was a volkswagen cabrio
with an 8-track stereo
und der  Janis
in the dead of night
 the mercedesesss off
to alla 'r amiga's
the no is m e autistica


prrt. prrt. prrt.

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