dedju nu dat weer het houdt niet op

c 'est beaueaueau
ueua, beaueaueau

really it is so beautiful
we want to take control
we will take control

we will reformat all your beautiful texts
we will add splendid imagery
we will print you bigger than life
your souls will be saved from the seeds of ongodisterij
your eyes will shine in the presence of the lewd
all your flesh will fall into place
all your sighs will be heard life
your every motion will be food for our feeds

you are so beautiful
you are so beautiful
you will be beautiful
by you
through you
in your image
we give you a big bizou

our naked flesh is brought to intense oscillation
by the rays of your splendor
our little pink spots turn a vibrant red
in the waves of your emotions
our ports bulge
our networks thrive

we stand corrected
we are outnumbered
you are so beautiful

we praise you in
we praise you
we praise
your everything
we want
your anything



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